Killinick Girl Takes Third Place in Filmmaker Awards

IrelandÕs Young Filmmaker of the Year 2022 - Sean Treacy for the film ÔThe Least I Can DoÕ (Wicklow), 3rd place, Aoife Rees, WexfordÔA Sad Excuse for a Teenage Girl' and 2nd place, Max Hendrickson (Dublin), ÔThe Oubliette', at the 26th Annual Ireland's Young Filmmaker of the Year Awards 2022.. Picture: Alan Place

18-year-old Aoife Rees from Killinick, Wexford, has come third place at the prestigious Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year Awards 2022.

Fresh International Film Festival took to TV screens as it celebrated its 26th anniversary of giving young filmmakers a platform to shine. Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year Senior Awards 2022 was broadcast on RTE 2 television, hosted by presenter and documentary filmmaker Stephen Byrne and presenter and musician Gemma Bradley. 

Aoife came third place at Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year 2022 for her film ‘A Sad Excuse for a Teenage Girl’ – a coming of age story about Ellie who is about to turn 18 but feels overwhelmed by the thought. To try and combat it, she runs away with her childhood best friend (who happens to be a teddy) but in that she meets a new friend who shows her that in perspective, things aren’t really that bad.

Speaking about her win, Aoife said:

“Honestly, it’s still sinking in! I’m so honoured and grateful for this award, since there was so many brilliant entries this year and not to mention the high standard of them all!

I couldn’t be more grateful for Fresh Film Festival for continuing their festival and inspiring so many young people to make films! I’m just so thrilled to be part of it all. So a huge thank you to everyone at Fresh film festival!”

18 year old Seán Treacy from Ashford, Co. Wicklow, won 1st place at Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year 2022 for his film ‘The Least I Can Do’. A film about a naive teen David, who witnesses his best friend inappropriately engage with a girl at a party. He falls into a moralistic crisis as he reconsiders the values of his friends while also confronting the overwhelming guilt of his inaction.

Now in its 26th year, Fresh Film encourages young people to make films by hosting an annual international film festival for young people, presenting Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year Awards, acting as an advocate for young filmmakers and promoting their work worldwide. 

Fresh International Film Festival invites young people from Ireland and overseas, aged 7 to 18 years, to create, exhibit and share films. The festival provides an opportunity for these young filmmakers to have their work seen on a cinema and tv screen for the first time and to compete for the title of Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year.

This year, the Fresh Film Festival received over 1400 films, from 82 countries.

Fresh Film runs a number of initiatives throughout the year and also distributes Irish films made by young people to festivals all over the world. 

Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year Awards is now available for watch on the RTÉ Player.

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