Verona Murphy TD Responds to Irish Times Article

Speaking from Wexford Independent Deputy Verona Murphy said,
“I was shocked and dismayed at the report in Saturdays Irish Times. The correspondence published make it plain that senior management in Wexford County Council are intent on continuing to breach Ethics guidelines further drawing the reputation of the council and its members into disrepute, in the teeth of a finding by SIPO against them in January for the same offence”

“The behaviour of Mr. Enright and Mr. Minogue demonstrates that they have no regard for ethics, SIPO, or the words of An Taoiseach in response to questions I raised in Dail Eireann on the 23rd February. The Chairperson of Wexford County Council, Cllr. Barbara Anne Murphy must immediately make a clear statement condemning this oppressive and unethical behaviour. Mr Minogue must immediately be stood down as the ethics officer. An ethics officer has an obligation to understand how to behave ethically, his correspondence with South East Radio would indicate he has no such understanding”

Referring to An Taoiseach Michael Martins response to the Deputy on the Dail floor on 23rd February, the Independent TD said,
“The Taoiseach must also take action to give effect to his words in Dail Eireann and underpin the findings of SIPO and ensure at a minimum that his line Minister stands down the CEO and the County Secretary pending an investigation into the matter by either a retired High Court Judge or the Clerk of the Dail”

“Finally the Wexford Council members of Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour and Sinn Fein, who blindly supported Mr Enright in February must now make it known to the people of Wexford that they condemn this oppressive behaviour. The odd adage comes to mind ‘fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me’. Wexford needs to draw a line under this controversy for once and for all”.

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