Formula One Coming to Wexford Town

An exciting ‘once in a lifetime’ project has been unveiled which would see a Formula One Irish Grand Prix held around the streets of Wexford Town in the summer of 2025.

To coincide with the start of the 2021 Formula One season last weekend in Bahrain, the organization has announced details of an exciting new addition to future Formula One seasons.

With the aim of bringing the sport to a wider audience, Formula One bosses have decided to introduce a rotation system whereby a race is held in a country which has never previously hosted one. There will be two such races added to the calendar each year over the next ten years, starting in 2022.

Formula One Schedule Rotation in full:

2022 – Uruguay and New Zealand

2023 – Papua New Guinea and Kenya

2024 – Finland and Peru

2025 – Ireland and Jamaica

2026 – Cameroon and Philippines

2027 – Croatia and Venezuela

2028 – Norway and Pakistan

2029 – Tunisia and Fiji

2030 – Mongolia and Estonia

2031 – Iceland and Chile

Seven Time World Champion Lewis Hamilton will be looking to add the Irish Grand Prix to his impressive list of achievements

It is believed proximity to Rosslare Europort is one of the strategic advantages behind Formula One’s decision to host the Irish event in Wexford Town, with teams able to ship their cars, and other equipment from Continental Europe with ease.

Of course, it must be remembered that Co.Wexford is no stranger to hosting high profile world sporting events, with Enniscorthy hosting Stage 3 of the 1998 Tour De France.

This one-off motorsport event is expected to be worth almost €1 billion to the local economy.

Recently retired Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone made a visit to the town in 2019, to examine potential route layouts, and has made comparisons with the famous street circuit in Monaco. In a statement Ecclestone said: “Wexford Town is ticking all of our boxes. I was very impressed on my visit two years ago. Monaco is the benchmark for street circuits, and we believe Wexford Town has the potential to be a landmark event. It is an exciting time for Formula One, and we hope the people of Ireland come out and support this special event”.

The comparisons include narrow streets, tight chicanes, scenic waterfront views, and potential mooring facilities for yachts as part of the proposed Trinity Wharf Project.

Similar to Monaco, it’s not believed there will be too many opportunities to overtake on the circuit, so qualifying positions will be of the utmost importance.

The Circuit

The proposed circuit will start and finish on Wexford quay front, adjacent to South East Radio, and like Monaco, will run in a clockwise direction around the town.

From the start line, drivers will travel south along the quay around the Crescent Curve, out past the Talbot Hotel as far as the ‘Sailing Cot’ pub, before turning back through the Faythe, then onto Michael Street and the Mill Road, before turning off Mill road into the Tesco Car park and through the ‘Tesco Tunnel’.

Entrance to the Famous Tunnel on the Monaco Circuit
The Tesco Tunnel will be a focal point

Drivers will then exit the Tesco Car Park and turn right onto Distillery Road, before turning left onto Joseph’s Street, School Street and John Street, then turning down Hill Street. The final part of the circuit will see drivers travel down 1798 street, onto Redmond Square, through the Redmond Square Chicane, onto the Quay front and back to the start/finish line.

In total the circuit will be 4.7km in length, with the ‘Crescent Curve’, the ‘Tesco Tunnel’, the ‘Square Chicane’ and the finishing straight along the quayside likely to prove popular with spectators.

A map of the proposed circuit

Council Officials and An Garda Síochana are aware of the logistical challenges of hosting such an event, with many temporary adjustments to road layouts along with the temporary removal of speed ramps, road signs, traffic barriers and islands, in order to make the circuit suitable. It is understood that a temporary Pit Lane will be constructed quayside between the bridge and the Crescent, parallel to the start/finish straight.

In further good news for locals, this means that all roads being used for the event will be resurfaced to a high standard.

It is also believed that there will be a number of grandstands along the route, with potential locations including the Quayfront, The Faythe, Tesco Car park, Bride Street Church and the car park adjacent to the Arc Cinema.

The famous 180 degree turn on the Monaco Circuit
The tightest bend on the Wexford Circuit at the Sailing Cot Pub

Tickets will be available online closer to the event at this link: F1® Ticket Store |

An application to central government will be made shortly to seek funding to help support this special project.

Officials will also engage with local residents over the coming months as the plans for the event are further developed.

As more details emerge, you’ll find them here first on

In the meantime you can enjoy this Michael Schumacher lap from the Monaco street circuit and look forward to similar being replicated in Wexford Town in 2025:

(2) Michael Schumacher Takes Final “Pole Position” | 2012 Monaco Grand Prix – YouTube

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