Passport Services Closed in Latest Attack on Citizens


If you go onto the Passport Services section of the Department of Foriegn affairs website to renew or get your first passport, you will see this information:

It is truly bizarre and totally unacceptable that Passport Services are not considered essential services during level 5.

While government might like to distract us from the real issues by trying to demonise those who are travelling abroad, there is no doubt that travel in many circumstances is essential, and the right of someone to have a passport should be protected.

Other than travel, a passport has many other uses. It is an important legal document.

Not only are valid passports necessary for travel, the passport serves many other purposes. Proof of age for purchasing restricted items such as alcohol, cigarettes’ etc. Proof of identity for opening bank accounts, proof of identity for obtaining a Public services card, a driving licence and much more.

Even something as simple as setting up a Revolut account requires a passport to confirm identity.

The removal of a person’s ability to renew or get a passport should considered a national scandal.

The knock-on effect, of course, is the massive backlog which will be caused when the Department of Foriegn Affairs decide to re-open Passport Services.

Cynics would argue that this is just another underhand attempt by Government to micro-manage the lives of citizens.

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