Sinn Fein Under Fire as Bombing Commemoration Cancelled

On the 25th Anniversary of the Aldwych bus bombing, Sinn Fein representatives have come under fire for supporting and promoting a commemoration event for the perpetrator, Edward O’Brien who was from Gorey, Co.Wexford.

The event has since been cancelled.

On February 18th, 1996 Wexford man Edward O’Brien boarded the number 171 London bus, armed with 2kg semtex bomb. As the bus travelled through the London area of Aldwych, the bomb detonated, killing O’Brien and permanently wounding a number of innocent people who were unfortunate enough to board the same bus.

It is believed that the bomb detonated prematurely before O’Brien had the chance to place it in his chosen location.

Police also believed O’Brien planted a bomb in a telephone box 3 days beforehand. This bomb was destroyed in a controlled fashion after police received a warning via telephone.

As a result of the bombing, police searched O’Brien’s London address and discovered 15 kg of semtex, 4 detonators, 20 timers, an incendiary device and ammunition for a revolver.

Local Sinn Fein County Councillors Fionntán O’Súilleabháin and Tom Forde have come under fire for promoting the now cancelled commemoration event for Mr O’Brien.

Another issue raised in association with this event is the unlicenced use of the Wexford GAA Crest. This issue was highlighted by Councillor John Hegarty:

The Wexford People Newspaper reported on Tuesday that Wexford GAA have responded by saying that the issue of the crest usage will be discussed at the next management meeting, and that the name and logo are property of Wexford GAA.

Johnny Mythen TD and Cllr Fionntán Ó Súilleabháin

This whole controversy may present a dilemma to those who loaned their vote to Sinn Fein and Co.Wexford candidate Johnny Mythen (who topped the poll with 25% of the vote) at the last general election. Are those floating voters widely supportive of such events or will it have an impact on their decision making next time around?

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