Government Decide Inter-County GAA Isn’t Elite Sport

Photo- Courtesy of Wexford GAA Facebook

In a meeting between GAA representatives and Government officials this evening, the GAA have confirmed that a return to GAA activity at either inter-county or club level is not expected until Easter at the earliest. Easter Sunday is April 4th.

Despite the fact that other comparable sports are being allowed to proceed under the current restrictions, the Government have now decided that inter-county GAA is no longer an elite sport and will therefore not be allowed to proceed.

Despite inter-county GAA action being considered elite sport until now, evidenced by the playing of All Ireland Competitions in late 2020, the government u-turn on the status of inter-county GAA will come as a surprise to many.

Many will question why Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and the Green party do not consider the pinnacle of Ireland’s national sports to be worthy of inclusion in the elite bracket.

In a letter to clubs tonight, GAA President John Horan outlined the position:

At all stages of the Covid19 pandemic the GAA have operated a more cautious approach to its activities than government regulations would have permitted. The inter-county championships ran very smoothly in October, November and December. It will be interesting to hear from government, an explanation as to why inter-county GAA is no longer considered elite.

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