Leaving Cert Orals Could be Done Virtually

Fianna Fáil Senator Malcolm Byrne has suggested that Leaving Certificate Oral Examinations could be conducted virtually.

He pointed out that while “in an ideal world, the face to face assessment of a student’s language capacity would be preferred, the use of technology could ensure that a student could be examined safely.”

Malcolm added that the orals are due to happen in the coming months and that a decision is needed soon. The orals were cancelled last year and this “disadvantaged students who had focused on languages.”

“Students are used to using Teams, Zoom and other channels. It is important that we are innovative and give students certainty soon that the orals will go ahead.”

While pointing out that an entirely online Leaving Certificate could be an option that would address concerns that some may have about sitting the traditional Leaving Cert, Senator Byrne said that such would be a huge logistical challenge and that there would need to be public confidence and testing in advance of such a move.

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