U-Turn on Inspection Hours at Rosslare

Deputy Verona Murphy has welcomed the news of a U-turn by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM).

In response to calls from Deputy Murphy back in December, the DAFM have now decided to increase inspection cover in Rosslare Europort and food inspection cover to 18 hours. Inspectors will now be on duty each day from 4am to 10pm.

Reacting to the news Deputy Murphy said:

“Back in December I highlighted and explained the need for increased cover. DAFM have now committed to providing 18 hours cover per day.  One would hope that this level of cover would be sufficient, in the absence of 24 hour cover, to ensure that all parties can work a normal working day without any unnecessary delays or disruption in the movement of goods. Time will tell whether the 18 hours of cover will be enough, but I certainly welcome the fact that cover has been increased.”

Deputy Murphy has also called on the government to ensure the development of the infrastructure at the Port:

“I was firmly of the view that the extra ships and sailings were required to ensure no disruption from Brexit, when a Government IMDO report said they weren’t required, and it is now time for the government to build on recent progress by providing the €200 million required to mitigate against the disastrous effects of Brexit and ensure that Rosslare Europort’s infrastructure is developed to a standard which reflects its status as Ireland’s most strategic port.”

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