Missing Wexford Family

We received correspondence during the week from a man seeking help in finding links to his family in Co.Wexford and information about his ancestry. Hopefully one or more of you will have some useful information.

Can you help find this family or any links to them? :

My name is Anthony Carmody and I’ve been searching for my family for 15 years.

The search centres around my Great Grandfather Lawrence Malone:

Here is what I have found so far on my great-grandfather Lawrence Malone and his family:

Lawrence Malone, born about 1891. At age 20 his residence, on 2nd April 1911 was ‘Nunnery lane’, Ireland. He died age 25, 31st October 1916 Salonica, Thessalonica, Central Macedonia, Greece.

We believe his parents were Lawrence Malone (born 1856) and Margret Malone born 1857. From New Ross, Urban, Wexford.

Their house on Nunnery Lane consisted of the following residents:

Lawrence and Mary Malone, and four children, John, Lawrence (my Great Grandfather), Kate and Bridget Malone. Apparently 2 girls left Wexford Ireland between 1911 and 1917, they travelled to Manchester. Kate Malone was pregnant and after having the baby, they went to Australia.

Two boys, Lawrence and John went to fight in World War 1. John was killed in Africa, while Lawrence (my great Grandfather) was killed in Salonica 1917. Before Lawrence went to war he met, our great grandmother. She was called Kate E Carmody. Their child (my Grandad, John Carmody) was taken in by a family named Henry’s. We have no other information on our great grandmother, Kate E Carmody, apart from her boarding a ship to Australia.

John Carmody (my Grandad), served in World War 2, on board the HMS AJAX. He assisted in sinking the Bizmark. He died shortly after the war, having been awarded numerous medals.

Lawrence Malone-regiment: princess Victoria’s (Royal Irish fusiliers). Regiment number 15685, Rank private. 6th Royal Irish fusiliers.

There is a rather large family in England who are desperate to locate our Irish family, so any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

If you can help Anthony with any information regarding his ancestors, please get in touch with him by email on carmodyanthony3@gmail.com.

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