No Investment in Rosslare Means Traffic Chaos in Dublin

Congestion issues in Dublin Port were highlighted by Stena Line in an article published on November 17th. Stena Line has expressed their concerns about a proposed traffic management plan for the port which they believe is unsuitable.

They claim that border checkpoints are in the wrong place and that the traffic management plan has been put on the long finger, causing significant congestion issues.

This resulted in the Chief Executive of the Port conceding that the port was “stuck by geography” and “physical constraints”.

Speaking in reaction to this, Independent Wexford Deputy, Verona Murphy, has said,

“Stena line has identified congestion issues, which are acknowledged by the Chief Executive of the Port. The government could avoid all these problems with decisive action.

We have the capacity, the land, the border checkpoints, we have everything at Rosslare, but the government will not provide the necessary investment in the port.

The government will take congestion, rotting produce, and a compromising of our export industry, in preference to investing money in a port that can alleviate the consequences of Brexit.”

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