Yola FC Applies for League of Ireland Status

Wexford’s newest Football Club Yola FC are expected to have applied for League of Ireland status.

A few months ago we highlighted that a local consortium were looking at the possibility of setting up a new club to play in the first Division. Today is the deadline for expressions of interest and by all accounts the club will have their name in the pot.

The name, Yola, is certainly interesting, according to Wikipedia,

“The Yola people were an ethnic group that formed in the baronies of Forth and Bargy in County Wexford after the Norman invasion of Ireland at Bannow Bay in 1169. They were descendants of the original Norman invaders and hence they were distinct from the rest of Ireland in their customs, manners and appearance. As time progressed, the Yola people became mixed with the diverse medieval ethnic mix which colonized County Wexford, including French, Norman, Danish, Welsh, English, Irish, Flemish and the original Old Norse settlers who colonized the area prior to the invasion.”

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