CAP – a Catastrophe for Biodiversity

Join Mick Wallace and Clare Daly for their weekly take on world happenings.

We all heard of Jacinda Ardern’s electoral win in New Zealand, but not a peep from the media about the landslide win in the Bolivian elections. Clare, Mick and Damien discuss the democracy in action which brought about the monumental win of MAS (Movement Towards Socialism party) in Bolivia, and the rejection of last year’s right-wing coup.

We’ve all read about the protests in Belarus, but who has said anything about the protests in Bulgaria? Clare is back from her trip around Bulgaria, where she is becoming a household name for taking on the corrupt Bulgarian Government and violent neo-nazis operating in the country.

We’re all braced for the worst when it comes to finding Funghi, but we’re not all braced for the worst when it comes to CAP – a catastrophe for biodiversity. The European Parliament just voted for a destructive CAP (Common Agricultural Policy), which will bring about massive biodiversity loss and fund emitters with public money (30% of the EU budget)– no media dares to look into the details.

Mick talks us through the monstrous CAP voting list and how the EPP, Renew and S&D political groups have undermined democracy and voted away any future we have of an ecological transition

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