Four COVID Patients in Wexford General

Wexford General Hospital

As the County faces into a Level 5 lockdown, let’s examine the numbers, do they really stack up?

The current 14 day incidence rate for Wexford is 271.2, that put us into the top 10 in county rankings for COVID 19 in Ireland, there have been 406 confirmed cases in the county in the last 14 days.

But the important figure to look at is the number hospitalised, HSE figures released last night reveal that there are currently only 4 people in Wexford General Hospital. Does that sound like the Health Service is in meltdown, remember Wexford is ranked number 10 in the country on the 14-day incidence rate per 100,000 people, but yet we see us moving to Level 5- astounding!

There is no doubt that COVID 19 it is a highly contagious virus, but it should be remembered that for most people that contract the virus it will be a very mild dose of the flu.

The 5 terms generally used to classify the illness are, Asymptomatic, Mild, Moderate, Severe, and Critical.

By far the largest proportion of the population will fall into the first two categories, and many people have already had the virus without even realising it.

It is possible that the largest proportion of the population with COVID-19 will have no symptoms at all.

People with mild illness have flu-like symptoms, these may include a dry cough, a mild fever, but they may not reach 37.8°C, and there may sometimes be little cough. They may feel a bit more breathless than normal on exercise.

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