Pointless Checkpoints Irritate Wexford Commuters

Almost 2,500 people from Wexford commute to Dublin every day for work.

County Wexford Commuters are today expressing their anger at road traffic delays on the M11 as a result of Garda Checkpoints.

As part of the newly introduced phase of Covid19 madness, the Government have issued instructions to Gardai to launch a crackdown on motorists breaking laws which don’t exist, in order to ensure people obey regulations which aren’t legally enforceable.

This madness has led to people being delayed up to 3 hours on their evening journey back to Wexford following their days work in Dublin.

The government have ordered a crack-down on unnecessary journeys, so in keeping with the whole illogical farce that is our response to Covid19, the Gardai operated a checkpoint on one of the busiest roads in the country during the time at which most NECESSARY journey’s are taken.

Pumping millions of € into Garda overtime to simply irritate motorists by policing pretend laws, is surely a colossal waste of taxpayers money. Surely this money would be used more usefully if it were put towards providing increased ICU and general capacity within our healthcare system.

The main purpose of the initial Covid19 lockdown was to protect the HSE from being over-whelmed, but since then it appears as though little or no effort has been made to permanently increase hospital capacity. Surely this would be a more appropriate use of public funds, than paying Gardai extra money to organise traffic jams.

Make no mistake, today’s debacle on our countries major roads, had absolutely nothing to do with preventing the spread of an illness. The main purpose of it, was to make it LOOK like something useful was being done. The reality is, the only thing it served to do was to add to the stress experienced by daily commuters.

Please note that ordinary hardworking Gardai are not to blame for this. They do not deserve abuse or nastiness. They are simply doing what they have been instructed to do by the authorities.

Anger should be directed at those who issued the instructions, i.e. the Government.

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