Wexford’s COVID Incidence Rate 41% Of National Average

Wexford’s COVID Incidence rate as now stands at 47.4 cases per 100,000, up from 34.7, that’s a jump of 36% in just seven days.

However we are still well below the National average, which has shot up to 114.3, Donegal continues to rise, now at 273.3, Monaghan 206, Dublin 167.1, Roscommon 154, and Longford 146, are now all a cause for concern.

Our neigbouring counties, Waterford 29.3 (down from 57.70), Wicklow 77.2 (up from 69.5), and Carlow 43.9 (up from 38.6), and Kilkenny 42.3 (up from 38.6).

So despite the county running at 41% of the national average, we are now moving to level 3 of the government’s COVID road map,

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