Funding for Oulart, Monageer, Ballindaggin & Arthurstown 

Capital funding under the Multi-Annual Developer Provided Water Services Infrastructure Resolution Programme will go towards estates in Oulart, Monageer, Ballindaggin and Arthurstown 

Local Minister of State James Browne TD has welcomed allocations totalling €577,892 for four housing estates under the new multi-annual Developer Provided Water Services Infrastructure Resolution Programme.

The programme is focused on housing estates which are not taken-in-charge by local authorities and do not have their water services connected to the public water services network but rely instead on infrastructure, often temporary in nature, which was provided by developers. Much of this infrastructure, generally consisting of small standalone wastewater treatment “package” plants were put in place in the 1990’s and early 2000’s.

Under the programme Kyle Close in Oulart has been allocated €80,365; Gleann na gCaor in Monageer has been allocated €227,159; Mountain View in Ballindaggin has been allocated €156,012 and Cois Cuan in Arthurstown is to get €114,356

Minister of State Browne said,

“This first allocation under the multi-annual programme focuses on estates in towns and villages where the resolution is to connect their water services to the public networks. Co. Wexford has received one of the largest allocations, 17% of the total amount allocated nationally. “

“This allocation is starting the process of helping the many families who are living in residential estates that are dependent on sub-standard developer provided wastewater or drinking water treatment plants for their water services. Many residents in these estates made a major financial commitment in buying their homes and have been at a disadvantage for too long. “

“The fact that the programme needed to be introduced demonstrates the importance of ensuring that public elements of housing developments such as the roads, open spaces, car parks, and service connections in their estate are completed to the satisfactory standard and maintained thereafter by the appropriate authority.”

WexfordKyle Close Oulart 107,15380,365
WexfordGleann na gCaorMonageer302,878227,159
WexfordMountain ViewBallindaggin208,016156,012 
WexfordCois CuanArthurstown152,475114,356

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