More COVID Farce – Food Outlets Must Record What You Eat

The Government have introduced yet another draconian and farcical regulatory burden on Restaurants and Pubs which serve food. In addition to the multitude of COVID rules and regulations, many of which appear heavy handed, the Government have now imposed yet another ridiculous burden on the food and drink sector.

Food outlets will now be required to keep a 28 day log of what every customer orders to eat and drink, and must provide such records to Gardaí upon request.

This is just the latest in a series of illogical rules and regulations which have been introduced by the Government over the last number of weeks.

It is unlikely that communist dictatorships such as China and North Korea have such stringent controls on restaurants.

Of course, this all stems from the decision to only allow pubs open if they sold a €9 meal. This is the original bad policy. Rather than admit the stupidity of this policy, the government have opted to introduce a whole sequence of stupid policies to try cover up the cracks in the original stupid policy.

This policy has been introduced as news emerged yesterday from the HSE that only five outbreaks are related to pubs, and that Ireland is the only country in Europe with its pubs still closed:

One Fianna Fail TD has described the new measures as ‘stasi’ like, yet astonishingly he still voted for the rules to be introduced:

The strategy for dealing with this ‘virus’ is incoherent. It appears as though the original messages of ‘flatten the curve’ and ‘keep pressure off the HSE’ have been forgotten in favour of a form of totalitarianism, which looks like it’s here to stay for another while.

The behaviour of the Irish Government over recent weeks has shown nothing but contempt for the abilities of individual citizens to make informed decisions for themselves about their own lives.

Thankfully it appears as though some food outlets have stated their refusal to obey such regulations:

As someone who doesn’t drink alcohol, I am not perhaps as effected by pub closures as someone who enjoys a few drinks in their local pub. However, I still enjoy going to the pub chatting to neighbours, hearing stories, telling stories, playing a game of pool, going to social events that are on from time to time. The local pub is far more to many people than just the consumption of alcohol. It appears as though this sector is being unfairly targeted without evidence to back up such measures.

In 60 years when I am old and frail, youngsters will ask what it was like in 2020, and they’ll hear stories of the rules that were in place in relation to pubs and restaurants. Upon hearing it, their first question might be ‘Grandad, what’s a pub?’

With each passing shambles, evidence is growing to show that those responsible for making these decisions are either: incapable, incompetent or inept, or perhaps a combination of all 3.

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