Mythen Raises Concern Around Children’s Mental Health Services

Recent figures revealed to Deputy Mythen showed that there are 44 children in the North of the County waiting for Child and Adolescent Mental Health services (CAMHS) and there are not currently any out of hours CAMHS services.

Deputy Mythen said,

“I do not think it is acceptable for 44 children to be awaiting mental healthcare in the North of the county. We know the toll that this wait has on our young people, their families, and indeed the professionals who look after them who are trying to clear these waiting lists as quickly as possible. That is why I am highlighting this issue, to ensure the resources are in place to deal with this quickly.”

“I am also very concerned about the lack of 24/7- 7-day week services for children in mental distress. Mental health is not Monday to Friday. The calls for out of hours CAMHS have long rang out from NGO’s and politicians alike, and it is not acceptable that it still has not happened in Wexford.”

“In the context of the pandemic, when we are talking about our economy ‘bouncing back’ I think it’s as important that we help our children and young people ‘bounce back’ too. Part of that puzzle is ensuring that they have the mental health supports they deserve, without waiting, in the moments when they need them.”

“I have requested further information on this service from the Minister and I will be following it up. We must be proactive to deal with this now. Our children deserve it.”

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