Video Highlights – Blackwater vs Buffers Alley

A slow start for both teams didn’t give the supporters much hope of a good game and followed by Buffers Alley picking up momentum with an 11 point lead to no score from Blackwater with over 20 minutes of play.

The game look set for Blackwater to be to be beaten…

But with the comeback of the year so far, Blackwater brought a sure defeat down to a 3 point game in an excellent display of the sport for the rest of the match. In a battle of ferocious hurling 3 red cards and an unfortunate injury to a Blackwater player left the game with 1 minute to go and a much-needed goal to bring it to a draw.

But time was up and no goal was scored. Buffers Alley march on to the quarter-finals with two players missing to red cards and Blackwater prepares for the next battle with Monageer Boolavogue with one player missing from their line out due to a red card.

This Courtyard Ferns Intermediate Hurling Championship 2020 game ended on a scoreline of 3-17 to 3-14

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