Fardystown Supply Needs a Solution

In conjunction with concerned residents affected by the quality of the water supply from the Fardystown scheme, Sinn Fein Area Rep Mick Roche and Deputy Mayor Tom Forde are calling on Irish Water to address the ongoing issues.

A petition calling on Irish Water to address, at source, the serious problems caused by the hardness of the water has been launched via the Facebook pages of both Sinn Fein representatives and both men are encouraging any residents affected to sign the petition or to contact them directly.

This scheme supplies thousands of homes in the southeast of the county, from Whiterock Hill in Wexford town right down through Murntown, Rathaspick & Bridgetown and down to Rosslare Harbour and Kilmore Quay. This petition also asks Wexford County Council to provide support to the residents who face considerable financial costs and to use any influence that the Council may have to request that Irish Water address this issue.

Mick Roche said,

‘Many users on Wexford’s Fardystown scheme face enormous expense and great inconvenience due to the hardness of the water supplied. Users are forced to spend significant amounts of money throughout each year replacing essential appliances such as kettles, washing machines, dishwashers and showers as they are consistently damaged by lime in the water. Water softeners do not sufficiently address the problem and, even though these units may help, they can cost up to €1,000 and have a limited lifespan.’

Cllr. Forde said,

‘I have contacted Irish Water directly and to date, they have refused to address these issues and stated that this water meets EU regulation standards and that hard water can be an important source of essential minerals. We believe that this problem should be addressed at source rather than in people’s homes and that Irish Water should fund works to address this problem at the Fardystown scheme.’

The online petition is available via links on the local Sinn Fein Facebook pages, or by contacting either Cllr Forde or Mick Roche.

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