Enniscorthy has a Unique Place in History

Isn’t it time we had an integrated approach to business reception of new companies, to support and promote our heritage of 1798 and for the future generations..who fears to speak of 98 is a leitmotif for the unchartered territory we now find ourselves in.

We had a successful 1798 Centre run by Jacquii Sidney up to a few years ago at the highly contested site at the 1798 centre…however the energy seems to be veering away from the same site again in favour of the Mercy Convent area…or the Salville Hill area perhaps, and expressed by Seamus Whitney in our clip, as it is so rendolent of the unique heritage incorporating even the prospect of an Enniscorthy greenway which most people would not be familiar with.

There is much love for the outdoors in Enniscorthy as people go about their business in their walking shoes daily.

Our interview with Eamon Doyle attests to his knowledge on the subject matter and his easy and comfortable delivery is very reassuring in that it is highly valued. Who will lead an initiative into integrating suitable interest groups into a committee to develop a properly structured plan to develop a tourist trail to incorporate a greenway route into our heritage trail and bring this as a consultative and holistic process to the people.

We spoke to Seamus Whitney, Eamon Doyle and Seán Óg Doyle.

There’s no doubt that it is the remit of Wexford County Council to initiate a strong liaison with parties with an interest in promoting and educating people even through these challenging and unprecedented times, which will no doubt encourage the people of Enniscorthy and its environs to be proud again and represent the historical record accurately and authentically and forge a unique vista into the future.

The bumps and hollows and hills and valleys of the beautiful scenic shots depicted in our video clip all reflect the indomitable strength of our ancestors in times of adversity and there is no better test of this than Post Covid 19 in which to reopen our businesses and take courage to begin again and allow each sector to flourish but to come together with unified interests and liaise and connect meaninggully this time round, to progress with an integrated plan to move forwards like never before.

Standing still is not an option as there is a lot to fight for: our unique place in history, our heritage to be represented in a suitable interpretive centre with facilities and sited finally in its own future home so that our own future can be reflected in the record authentically and known about and valued for generations to come.

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