McCauley’s Confirms Job Loss Numbers in Wexford

Following the news of job losses in McCauley’s Health and Beauty, the company have released the following statement:

On 22 June 2020, McCauley Health & Beauty announced a number of measures to employees intended to combat the serious downturn in trading caused by the Covid-19 crisis, including the decision that we will not re-open our beauty salons. We are focused on working with and supporting affected colleagues at this time. Our colleagues in the core pharmacy business continue to provide excellent service to patients and customers, as they have done throughout the Covid-19 crisis

WexfordToday has also learned that in relation to County Wexford, the salons won’t reopen, resulting in 13 job losses ( 8 Wexford, 5 Enniscorthy). Photo Bars and Cosmetics counters are under review and that process may result in another 20 or so job losses.

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