The 1798 Centre – A More Detailed Examination

The 1798 centre in Enniscorthy has been a big talking point over the last couple of weeks. When news emerged that the County Council were planning on selling the building, the reaction was mixed, with those against the idea making the most noise. 

An online petition was started, and many local politicians spoke out against the move. The decision has since been reversed by the County Council. 
However, it must also be noted that the continued running of the centre is a financial burden on the county council, due to alarmingly low visitor numbers. Those more closely aligned with the finer details of the situation claim that the income generated by the centre is not even enough to cover the electricity bill.

Letter written to the County Council in 2002 by Sean Doyle on behalf of the Board of Directors of the 1798 centre, highlighting the low visitor numbers

In order to get beyond superficial reports and headlines, we decided to investigate the issue more closely, by seeking the views of Sean Doyle, who is currently the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the 1798 centre. It must be noted that Sean is speaking to us in a personal capacity and not on behalf of the Board of Directors.

We spoke to Seán Óg Doyle in Enniscorthy on Thursday evening

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