Wexford Soccer at a Crossroads

A group of people involved in the Co.Wexford soccer scene are in the early stages of investigating the possibility of establishing a new League of Ireland team based in the County.

It is understood that one of the main driving forces behind the move is the desire of the individuals involved to see Wexford based players more heavily represented in the club and on the field of play.

A situation also exists where many top underage players from Wexford are playing with clubs outside the county.

The current Wexford FC squad contains little or no players based in Wexford, and this group is of the view that a disconnect exists between the club and the people. This is shown by an average league attendance of approximately 100 people per game.

There are of course many boxes to be ticked and hurdles to be crossed before such a club comes into existence.

It also remains to be seen if the League of Ireland would be willing to grant a licence to a 2nd Co.Wexford based team. This is unlikely. Therefore if this new group were to put forward a proposal for a new club, it is likely a battle would ensue to secure a licence between the existing club and the new group. Perhaps in such a scenario, the two groups could be persuaded to work together on a joint project to promote League of Ireland soccer in Co.Wexford.

We hope to bring you more details about this project as they emerge.

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