“Football is Full of Politics”- Mick Wallace

Ireland South’s MEP has been in lockdown for the last three months in Brussels, he has been one of the few MEP’s to have attended the Parliament throughout the pandemic, so we spoke to him this afternoon to speak about the controversy surrounding the launch of the new Wexford FC jersey.

Mick said,

“The FAI say that Wexford FC are not allowed to wear the new jersey because of political content – it has my name, the GUE Group that I am part of in Europe, and an image of Che Guevara – what a joke.”

“Football is full of politics the world over. Man City are sponsored by Etihad, owned by the UAE Government who are involved in carrying out a genocide in Yemen.”

“Arsenal have ‘Visit Rwanda’ on their shirt – another form of blood washing.”

“Clubs all around Europe have the names of Banks on their jerseys, banks that throw people out of their homes when it suits them.”

“UEFA have no problem with clubs putting Coca-cola on their jerseys despite the fact that the drink has done untold damage to people’s health all over the world.”

“The hypocrisy is nauseating…
If you want a Jersey, you’d better order it quick, Ben Brosnan of Bodibro says they are selling out fast…”

Back in 2008 Wexford Youths FC created headlines when the club unveiled their famous bright pink jersey, back then Mick said,

“We’re trying to bring a bit of brightness to the league – sure we’re a bit different anyway.”

This season’s jersey looks set to be a collector’s item, it can still be purchased on-line by clicking the link below


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