5k for Care Homes Fund

Residents and staff at New Haughton Hospital

A fundraising drive by a local athletics club and featuring a member of the nursing team at New Haughton Hospital has resulted in a boost to residents at the long-stay care facility in New Ross.

The United Striders Athletics Club (USAC) in New Ross, as a community gesture to support those in local care homes during the COVID 19 pandemic, asked people (within the then two-kilometre zone for exercise and in maintaining a two-metre distance from one another) to walk, jog or run five kilometres at 10am on Sunday April 26th and donate €10 to “5k for Care Homes Fund”. Participants also posted a “selfie” to the USAC Facebook page. The event proved to be a huge success, with locals being joined by people from around the country in taking part and donating.

Lettie Roche, a nurse at the New Haughton and also one of the organisers and participants in the “5k for Care Homes Fund”, was delighted to confirm that €4,000 of what was raised has gone towards patient comforts and the ongoing activities programme at the 42-bed care centre in New Ross. The purchase of personal radios and mobile phones, to help residents keep in touch, in addition to “care and treat” packages for staff members also resulted from the donation. Subsequently, a “picture card” of residents was sent to their families – all helping to keep people in touch at a time of ongoing visiting restrictions.

Residents and fellow team members thanked Lettie and the United Striders Athletics Club at a brief ceremony in New Haughton Hospital this week. Speaking at the occasion.

Director of Nursing Margaret Nowlan O’ Neill said:

“As always, the New Haughton is deeply appreciative of support from the community. Including our activities team and two student nurses that joined us recently, some 70 staff in the hospital have striven to ensure that everyone here has remained safe in a challenging time where a visiting ban remains in place, as part of necessary restrictions. It has been a tough time for everyone and we were delighted when Lettie and the athletic club let us know of what was afoot as a result of their fabulous community event.”

“We have a rolling programme of activities designed to help enhance the quality of our residents’ lives in New Haughton. Catering, Cooking, Household, Laundry, Administrative Support, Maintenance and Gardening, Healthcare and Multi Task Assistant, Nursing and other clinical staff have a great relationship with residents and their families and this event underlined that.”

“Our heartfelt thanks to everyone for such magnificent support at this important time.”

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