COVID-19 Survey Results

We asked followers to participate in a 20 question survey about the realities of living with COVID-19 regulations in place. The results are in.

Some headline conclusions to be drawn from the results:


Satisfaction with government response, little contact with the virus, increased exercise levels, many people are financially better off, relationships with partners generally better


Restrictions are difficult, poorer mental health, poorer diet, jobs under threat, people are missing sport and family

Here are the results in full:

Most people agree with the level of government response, while more people think there was an under-reaction than an over-reaction.
Just one of the 194 respondents has tested positive, while 7 others tested negative.
Almost 1 in 5 have a close friend or relation who tested positive
Unfortunately, 6 respondents fall into this category.
35.6% of people have bought more online than usual
Online shopping is a threat to some businesses and an opportunity to others
Occasionally difficult at just under 55% indicates that most people are able to manage. However, over 25% selected generally difficult or very difficult.
38% of people have been unable to continue working, while over 25% of people still continued to work from their workplace.
Over 25% of respondents believe their job is under threat or already lost.
Over 47% say they are more active than usual, while only 27.3% are less active. Roadways and walkways have seen an increase in pedestrian/cycle traffic.
The most popular response here is ‘less healthy than usual’, and when ‘significantly less healthy than usual’ is included, that figure rises to just under 50%
18% of people believe their diet it more healthy than usual, while 44.9% believe their diet is less healthy than usual.
24.3% of people report a more positive relationship with their partner, while 11.9% of people report a more negative relationship
Almost as many people describe themselves as financially better off than worse off, while over 1/3 have seen no change.
Over 1/3 admit to breaking some of the regulations. If over 1/3 are willing to admit it, then how many actually have?
Most popular response here is weekly breaches, while 4.2% admitted to breaking the regulations on a daily basis.
Clearly most people did not contact a politician for help, but of the 18 people who said they had, 16 of them believed the politician was helpful to them. This is a good reflection on our local politicians.
Almost two thirds of respondents described the government’s response as good/excellent
As anticipated, the most popular response was family/friends, while sport is a clear second.

The responses of this survey reveal some interesting insights into the affect which COVID-19 is having on the lives of people in Co.Wexford. The final question in this survey asked respondents to outline what positive effect that the pandemic has had one your life. An analysis of the responses to this question will be published later in the week.

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