Jim Brennan- Rathgarogue- Cushionstown

Jim Brennan was rock solid when playing in a defensive role for his club, Rathgarogue-Cushinstown Hurling club.

With his strength, confidence and positional sense, it usually put him a yard or two in front of his opponents. He was a top man in his regular cornerback position, where his tight vigilant covering left his opponents very little leeway for any of them to have a field day. He commanded and controlled his position with total commitment and grandeur.

In every game playing for his team, he showed indomitable courage, dedication and a never say die attitude. He was masterful with any ball coming his direction and he seemly was always in the right place at the right time. He was never found wanting in his duals with some of the best Corner Forwards in the New Ross District. He was a very sporting player and enjoyed every game he played in – win or lose. He loved his Hurling, his Club and his County.

When playing with his Club – Rathgarogue- Cushinstown, the players he found most difficult to handle were – Bobby Donovan (St. Martin’s) R.I.P., Johnny Murray (Adamstown) and Seamus Bradley (Adamstown). Also – Jimmy Murphy (Cushinstown) – when Cushinstown played against Rathgarogue in the 1962 New Ross District Hurling Final.

He was born in 1939 and was educated at Rathgarogue N.S..

His Boyhood Hero was – Bobby Rackard R.I.P..

He won a number of New Ross District Hurling medals during his career but was on the losing side in – 4 Co. Junior Hurling Semi-Finals. He was a Juvenile when he played his first Junior game with his Club in 1955.

The Rathgarogue-Cushinstown Hurlers that impressed him the most of the years were – James Bolger, Paddy Doyle R.I.P., Oliver Doyle and Eamon Doyle.

The greatest Hurlers he has seen outside of Wexford were – Eddie Keher (Kilkenny), Jimmy Doyle (Tipperary) R.I.P., Joe Salmon (Galway) R.I.P. and Henry Shefflin (KIlkenny).

In Wexford, the greatest Hurlers he has seen were – Bobby Rackard R.I.P., Nickey Racard R.I.P., Billy Rackard R.I.P., Ned Wheeler, Jim Morrissey R.I.P., Phil Wilson and Tony Doran.

Two of the best goalie’s he has seen were – Tony Reddin (Tipperary) R.I.P. and Pat Nolan (Oylegate).

The best club team he has seen in Wexford was the – Rathnure Team – in the early 70’s, winning 4 titles in a row.

One of his finest games playing for his Club was vs St. Martin’s in the 1960 Co. Junior Hurling Semi-Final. A game they won with a scoreline of 6.2 to 4.4. In this encounter, he was superb, covering all aspects of defensive play. He was bulletproof against all unforced errors.

The best dual players he has seen outside of Wexford were – Jimmy Barry Murphy (Cork) and Des Foley (Dublin) R.I.P.. He played Juvenile Hurling and Minor Hurling with Rathgarogue for a number of years.

The two best Full Backs he has seen in Hurling were – Nick O’Donnell (Wexford) R.I.P. and Brian Lohan (Clare).

The two best Midfielders he has seen were – Ned Wheeler (Wexford) and Joe Salmon (Galway) R.I.P..

The two best Full Forwards he has seen were – Nickey Rackard R.I.P. and Tony Doran.

One of the greatest games of Hurling he has seen was between – Cork vs Wexford – in the 1956 All Ireland Senior Hurling Final.

The best individual performance he has seen was given by – Mick Roche (Tipperary) R.I.P. – in the first half of the 1968 All Ireland Senior Hurling Final.

Of the present-day Hurlers, the one’s that impressed him the most are – T.J. Reid (Kilkenny), Liam Ryan (Wexford), Austin Gleeson (Waterford), Patrick Horgan (Cork), Joe Canning (Galway) and Tony Kelly (Clare).

One of the finest Hurling Teams he has seen was the – Kilkenny Teams – throughout the 2000’s.

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