Denis Coughlan- Shamrocks

Denis Coughlan, who resides in John Street, Enniscorthy, had a short career in Hurling, but his involvement with the Shamrocks club was embedded for a long, long time.

His whole sporting life was the Shamrocks first and foremost. Every spare moment he had, he devoted to his beloved Shamrocks Club. As a founder member, along with – Billy Jordan R.I.P., Kevin Nolan R.I.P., Michael Corrigan, Fr. Bob Staples, Michael Donegan R.I.P., Paddy McDonald, Paddy Wildes and a few others – he saw great games with the club and a few sad ones also.

Denis was really happy to see the rise of the club to the pinnacle of the game. He had a little red van at the start, which at times carried up to 18 youngsters to see games. This little van is a symbol of what can be achieved when one makes their mind up to do it. Denis even today is talked about with glee by many of the people who remember those days. He was born in 1932 and was educated at Enniscorthy C.B.S..

His Boyhood Hero was – Joe Nolan R.I.P.. One of the greatest Goalie’s he has seen in Hurling was – Tony Reddin (Tipperary) R.I.P.. In Football, he selects – Dan O’Keeffe (Kerry) R.I.P..

The two greatest Hurlers he has ever seen were – Bobby Rackard R.I.P. (Wexford) and Christy Ring R.I.P.. In Football, he selects – Mick O’Connell (Kerry) and Sean O’Connell (Derry) R.I.P. – as brilliant Players.

In Wexford, the greatest Footballers he has ever seen were – Willie Goodison R.I.P., Paddy Kehoe R.I.P., Jimmy Coady R.I.P., Joe Nolan R.I.P., Fr. Rory Deane R.I.P. and
Mattie Forde.

The two best Midfielders he has seen while playing at Midfield together were – Jim Morrissey R.I.P. and Ned Wheeler.

In the last 40 years in Wexford, the greatest Hurler he has ever seen were – Christy Keogh R.I.P., Tony Doran, Mick Jacob, Dan Quigley, Martin Quigley and Willy Murphy.

Players that stood out in Denis’s opinion, when playing with the Shamrocks were – Lar Rigley R.I.P., Paddy Sullivan, Matt Browne, Christy Keogh R.I.P., Ger Collins and Paul Lynch R.I.P..

The greatest Game of Hurling he has seen was the 2014 All Ireland Final between – Kilkenny vs Tipperary – in the drawn game. In Football, the 1961 All Ireland Final Game between – Down vs
Offaly – was brilliant.

Other great Hurlers he has seen over the years were – Pat Stakelum (Tipperary) R.I.P., Jimmy Finn (Tipperary), Jimmy Doyle (Tipperary) R.I.P., Mick Roche (Tipperary). R.I.P., Jimmy Langton (Kilkenny) R.I.P., Shem Downey (Kilkenny) R.I.P., Joe Salmon (Galway) R.I.P., Josie Gallagher (Galway) R.I.P., John Keane (Waterford) R.I.P. and Jobber McGrath (Westmeath) R.I.P..

Of the great Wexford Hurling Team in the 50’s, his favourites were – Paddy Kehoe R.I.P., Bobby Rackard R.I.P., Tim Flood R.I.P. and Ned Wheeler.

The two best full backs he has seen in Hurling were – Nick O’Donnell (Wexford) R.I.P. and Brian Lohan (Clare).

The two best centre half backs he has seen were – Pat Stakelum and Mick Roche R.I.P..

The two best full forwards he has seen were – Nickey Rackard R.I.P. and Tony Doran.

He was a selector with the Shamrocks team that won the 1969 Co. Senior Hurling Final with victory over Ferns. He was also a selector with the Intermediate Hurlers in 1964, 1965, 1966 and 1967.

One of the best club teams he has seen in Wexford in Hurling were the – Rathnure Team – in the early 70’s that won 4 Co. Titles in a row, and in Football, the – Castletown Team – from 1965 to the end of the 70’s were fantastic.

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