Wexford L2 win derby game against Carlow

Maeve Buckley (above) set up Aoife Bolger to score the only goal of the game

Wexford 2nds travelled to Loreto Kilkenny on Saturday to play Carlow 2nds. Wexford were missing a number of regular players which led to a call up for U16 players Gia Coyne and Shauna Maloney to add strength to the panel.

The first half was fast-paced with both sides quick on the break. In the opening quarter, Wexford’s best chances came from a quickly taken long corner by Gia Coyne which found Anna Finan on the left side who headed straight for the Carlow goal-mouth forcing a save from their keeper and a pass by Rosie OBrien was unlucky not to find the stick of Cora Raftery who had snuck in behind the Carlow defensive line.

The youthful Carlow side were quick on the break and the Wexford backline of Jeannine Dunne, Therese Finan, and Edel Moran worked well as a unit to thwart Carlow’s attempts at goal.

The second quarter saw Fiona McDermott and Shauna Maloney introduced upfront and Maeve Buckley switched into full forward. These positional switches worked well for Wexford with the midfield trio of Aoife Bolger, Ashling Alouf and Anna Finan supplying quality ball to the forward line. An interception by Ashling Alouf saw her lay off the ball to Maeve Buckley who showcased her skill bypassing three Carlow defenders before passing the ball to Fiona McDermott whose shot went narrowly wide of the post.

Shortly after this passage of play Wexford were awarded a short corner, the initial strike from Therese Finan was cleared but Shauna Maloney was first to react for Wexford and chased the rebound to then pass the ball to Maeve Buckley who headed straight for goal. Maeve drew the Carlow defenders towards her, leaving Aoife Bolger free on the penalty spot to receive the ball and strike it past the Carlow Keeper.

Carlow created several opportunities and had a goal disallowed, the umpire played advantage in the circle following a Wexford foot, the initial Carlow shot was saved by Lizzie Walsh, the rebound shot was intercepted by Therese Finan who managed to play the ball onto a Carlow foot before the player struck the ball into the Wexford goal. A free out was awarded by the umpire. The score at half time 0-1 to Wexford.

The second half saw Wexford using their bench to keep the tempo of the game at it’s highest. Therese Finan showed her skill and experience breaking down several Carlow attacking moves throughout the game. Lizzie Walsh in goal made a number of pivotal saves to keep Wexford’s one-goal advantage. Wexford midfield and forward lines worked tirelessly throughout the half with some notable runs from Aoife Bolger, Anna Finan and Ashling Alouf. Wexford were awarded a short corner later in the half and the slip pass to Maeve Buckley went inches wide.

Wexford: Lizzie Walsh, Therese Finan, Jeannine Dunne, Edel Moran, Gia Coyne, Maeve Buckley, Aoife Bolger, Ashling Alouf, Cora Raftery, Anna Finan, Rosie O’Brien, Fiona McDermott, and Shauna Maloney

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