Niamh continues the Strong family tradition

Niamh Strong performs in the National Opera House, Wexford, on Friday the 8th of May at 8pm.

The show is dedicated to Eva Cassidy, from a young age, Niamh was inspired by Eva, growing up she wanted to give back something in return, and she is delighted to see Eva’s fans come to the shows, remembering the song’s she sang and made her own.

Tickets may be booked on-line

From a musical background, Niamh has been singing for a long time, her dad is Rob Strong, the legendary Blues singer still tours, in fact, he plays the Arts Centre in April. Her brother, Andrew Strong, played Decco in the 1991 film, “The Commitments”.

Niamh first lifted a microphone at the tender age of nine, when her father was jamming with other musicians and did a blues run that astonished everyone. There and then it was obvious this girl had a real natural ability to sing.

Think of a beautiful tapestry with many vibrant colours. This is the best way one can describe the stunning voice of Niamh Strong. Blues, soul, jazz, you get the elements that best describe this amazing voice.

After leaving school at 18 Niamh began her first collaboration with two other young musicians. The Three got down to some serious writing where they penned several original songs. Four of these songs were selected for her first demo.

A musical lawyer John Polinsky from New York heard the demo and arranged two showcases in New York, Arlene’s Grocery Store and the Cutting Room’s. Several A/R people from different major record labels attended the showcases which were a huge success. 

Niamh finally decided to go with Robert E.Pineda from Ray Charles company. She was brought to Los Angeles to record one of the original songs and did a video shoot to accompany it.

Ray Charles said she had,

“moments of genius in her voice

At the time Niamh was 18 years old and lacked the confidence and maturity to move to Los Angeles so returned home after the session. Niamh decided to study Nursing and graduated from Trinity college a few years later.

In 2010 Niamh gave birth to a beautiful little boy called Elliott. She has since been rearing him on her own.

During this time Niamh has travelled to every part of the world with her brother Andrew, she has gained a wealth of experience, doing backing vocals and taking centre stage. She has performed at many large festivals and arena’s throughout Europe, USA, Australia, and Canada.

This has given Niamh the experience and courage to pursue her own dream to become a solo artist. She now feels the time is right. 

In March 2018 Niamh completed her new album, “Niamh Strong Sing’s Eva Cassidy”. The album has 10 track’s, one better than the next.

“Somewhere Over The Rainbow” by Niamh Strong
“Stormy Monday” by Niamh Strong

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