Free collection for electrical and electronic waste

Families in Wexford are encouraged to recycle their electrical and electronic waste for free this February.

As the early buds start to peek out, WEEE Ireland is encouraging Wexford families to kick-start their spring clean and make it green by recycling their old electrical and electronic waste at a free collection event at Wexford Racecourse. From fridges to phones, laptops to lawnmowers, toys to power tools and everything in between, WEEE Ireland will take them off your hands this February!

The collection event will take place at the following location, completely free of charge:

15th February, 10am – 4pm; The Stable Car Park, Wexford Racecourse

WEEE is end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment – anything with a plug or a battery! WEEE can range from old or broken fridge-freezers, washing machines, TVs, toasters and kettles, electronic tools and children’s toys, to smaller items such as mobile phones, cables, remote controls and even watches.

In 2018, WEEE Ireland collected over 36,000kg of e-waste on behalf of Irish householders, a new national record, with the people of Wexford recycling almost 11kg of electrical waste per person! More than 17 million old and broken appliances of all sizes were diverted from landfill by Ireland’s free, national takeback scheme. This almost equates to the weight of 350 blue whales! However, with new higher Irish targets in place for 2020, there’s even more to do this year. That’s more reason than ever for householders to get out, get green, and get recycling!

Recycling electrical, battery and lighting waste at authorised collection points benefits the environment, allowing plastics, metals and glass to be recovered for manufacturing and ensuring hazardous waste is disposed of safely.

All household items with a plug or a battery can be dropped off at a WEEE Ireland collection event and accepted free of charge. Participating householders will also be supporting LauraLynn, Ireland’s only children’s hospice, with WEEE Ireland contributing to the charity as part of the ‘Small Things Matter’ campaign.

You can take part by recycling your e-waste safely with WEEE Ireland. From big fridges to small batteries, every little helps in the fight for a greener planet. Pledge your support today! For more information on your local recycling centre points visit:

Saturday 15th February’s event is proudly supported by Wexford County Council. Cliona Connolly, Environmental Awareness Officer, Wexford County Council says:

“Wexford County Council is delighted to work with WEEE Ireland to support this fantastic initiative. Recycling e-Waste is incredibly beneficial for both the environment and the economy; diverting waste from landfill, recovering raw materials for reuse and ensuring hazardous materials are safely and responsibly disposed of. We look forward to working with WEEE and Wexford householders to hopefully recycle a record-breaking amount of electronic waste in 2020.”

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