“Fairer taxes and better times for families”; Kehoe

Minister Paul Kehoe at the official opening of the new wastewater treatment plant at Enniscorthy last July. Pic; WexfordToday.com

General Election and Wexford Fine Gael Minister Paul Kehoe says the party manifesto has prioritised fairer taxes, a better deal for families and older people, a reformed health service and balanced prosperity for every part of Ireland. “We have outlined how the party will ensure a Future to Look Forward to.”

Some of the aspects of the Fine Gael manifesto that he alluded to, include;  A fairer tax package, increasing the point at which a single person pays the higher rate of tax to €50,000 and to €100,000 for a couple;  Raising the USC income exemption threshold from €13,000 to €20,500; Our plan to create 200,000 jobs right across the economy and in key public services – nurses, teachers, doctors and Gardaí;  A better deal for families to cut their bills and offer more security on the costs of childcare. Free GP care to under 18s, free primary school books and more paid parental leave.

Minister Kehoe also cites a reform of our health service. A Golden Years Guarantee which increases the State pension by €25 a week over the next five years.  Real Climate Action with a focus on more and better public transport.  Balanced regional development and sustained investment in rural Ireland. Promoting equality, empowering women in the workplace and in education and the recruitment of up to 700 Gardaí every year over the next five years and the implementation of Garda reforms.

 Minister Kehoe told WexfordToday.com; “Fine Gael is the only party who can be trusted to manage the economy steadily and shepherd Ireland through the next phase of Brexit so that these vital investments in our public services can be made. We want to ensure that everyone feels the benefits of our strong economy in their pockets and in every town and village here in Wexford. “

Minister Kehoe concluded; “These are just some of the key commitments in our manifesto that will make a real difference to people here in Wexford. I would invite everyone to read our manifesto on our website, www.finegael.ie

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