Seanie runs in General Election

In the past hour Mick Wallace MEP announced on his Twitter account that Seanie O’Shea will run in the General Election for Independents 4 Change.

Seanie O’Shea has worked with young sportspeople in Wexford, as both a highly-regarded GAA referee and a soccer coach. He has been campaigning alongside Mick Wallace MEP since he entered politics in 2011.

Seanie stands for fairness and equality, and believes Wexford has not gotten fair play from successive Governments. “We’ve been handed crumbs in terms of job creation, education, healthcare and in particular mental health”.

“Wexford is among the bottom four counties on the deprivation index, has one of the lowest third level education attainment levels and has a live register figure close to 13%.”

Seanie wants to continue Mick’s fight inside the Dáil while focusing on helping improve services in Wexford.

“Over the past two decades we’ve gotten little in the way of infrastructure that would help our local economy thrive. And yet we’ve re-elected many of the same TDs. It’s time to change that.”

“We are at crises point at so many levels, locally and nationally, and we need to elect representatives who are prepared to hold the Government to account on homelessness, rent costs, healthcare etc. Let’s continue to show that Wexford wants to elect a fighter. For fair play, vote O’Shea.”

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