Call for urgent probe into Gorey water supply

Water flooding the Fort Road in Gorey last August after a burst mains caused disruption to the town's water supply. Archive Pic;

Water supply issues in Gorey in recent days has prompted Fianna Fáil’s Cllr Joe Sullivan to call on Irish Water to investigate the water infrastructure in Gorey town and district and the matter will be prioritised at the November meeting of Wexford County Council.

Speaking with, Cllr Sullivan said that three days of water issues as a result of a burst main is not good enough, and while Irish Water are working hard to resolve the situation, the fact remains that water is not in supply due to a relatively straight forward burst main issue.

“I am calling on Irish Water to take a look at the water infrastructure in Gorey town and district as a matter of urgency with a view to an upgrade so that the supply can be guaranteed outside of exceptional circumstances,” said Cllr Sullivan who will be bringing the issue before the November meeting of Wexford County Council. Although the water supply issues come under the remit of Irish Water, Wexford County Council will accept recommendations and pass on to the relevant stakeholders.

In reply to a media query submitted exclusively by Irish Water has responded quickly in explaining difficulties that created water shortages in Gorey since the weekend.

“There was a burst main detected on Sunday evening around 5.30 pm on the Pallis intake in Gorey. Investigative works commenced yesterday morning at 7 am. The location of the burst was found around 11.30 am – 12 noon and a repair was completed by 2 pm yesterday afternoon.

“As of 10.30 pm last night, there were still confirmed pressure issues at Hunters Green, Creagh Demesne and Clonattin Upper with works on going to resolve. The level in the clear water tank at the plant dropped to 0.4m which would have resulted in some high areas experiencing a loss of supply. The level in the clear water tank is now back up over 1m so we would expect that all businesses and domestic properties should all have water at this stage, however, there may be some localised issues only (air locking, etc.). These issues should also be resolved as outdoor staff is opening hydrants. Where there is air locking in certain areas, there may be pressure issues or no water but this should be minimal at this time.

AUDIO ADDITION; CLLR JOE SULLIVAN speaking about water supply issues in Gorey.

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