Enniscorthy ready for ‘Smart Town’ status

District Council plans to designate Enniscorthy as a 'Smart Town'. Pic; WexfordToday.com

Newly appointed Enniscorthy Municipal District Manager, Ger Mackey, supported by the members and the wider community, has recommended that a Town Team would be established in Enniscorthy with the objective of Enniscorthy becoming a ‘Smart Town’.

Speaking at Monday’s monthly meeting of the Council held in the Presentation Centre, Mr Mackey, said the declaration of Enniscorthy as a ‘Smart Town’ will create a framework that ‘Smart’ towns and communities can play a key role in the development and sustainability of rural towns by tackling issues such as, the digital divide, employment opportunities and out-migration, as well as climate change.

“The starting point for Enniscorthy will be the development of a Smart Town Strategy and this Strategy can be developed by the proposed Town Team and will identify the building blocks for Enniscorthy,” said Mr Mackey, who added; “The primary objectives of the Town Team initiative are to encourage more collaboration, communication and co-operation between the local authority, the business community and civic organisations.

“The Town Team initiative will also undertake building block projects that will positively impact economic performance for Enniscorthy across several ‘Smart’ measures,” said Mr Mackey, who added; “The initiative will be in a position to access best practice and to learn from other towns and cities’ positive experiences.”

Attendance at the meeting included Cllrs Kathleen Codd-Nolan (chair), Cathal Byrne, Jackser Owens, John O’Rourke, Barbara-Anne Murphy and Aidan Browne.

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