Two men die in air crash near Duncormick

The rural setting of Five Acre in Duncormick near the crash scene at Duncormick.

Two men have died when a light aircraft crashed near the village of Duncormick.

The tragedy occurred at 5.45 pm this evening in a countryside area known as Ambrosetown or marked as Five Acre on maps, between Wellingtonbridge and Duncormick in south Wexford.

A light aircraft had taken off from an airfield at Taghmon, a short distance away, and local eyewitnesses say that the aircraft appeared to splutter as if it suffered engine failure and broke up in mid-air. There were two persons on board.

A lare area at a townland known locally as Five Arce is completely cordoned off to public access and and Rescue Helicopter 117 is leading an intensive seach of the area. Air accident investigation units have also been dispatched  to the scene.

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