Wexford, Waterford, Wicklow and Wales tourism

An innovative tourism initiative aimed at encouraging visitors to explore new areas of Wales and Ireland has recently been developed through a unique partnership between authorities on both sides of the Irish Sea.

The Celtic Routes project seeks to transform less well-known areas of Wales, Wicklow, Wexford and Waterford through the development of new trails linking local culture, heritage and the natural environment. The aim is to increase the visitor appeal of these areas by offering a number of immersive, compelling and authentic Celtic experiences that will slow visitors down and change these less-know areas from transit zones to visitor destinations in their own right, thereby increasing the time visitors spend in these regions and boosting the economy of the local areas.

The total budget for the Project over its lifetime is €1,989,687.00

Project partners on the Irish side of the water are Wexford County Council (lead partner), Wicklow County Council and Waterford City and County Council, while Carmarthenshire County Council leads the Welsh side in partnership with Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and Ceredigion County Council.

Those involved in the tourism sector in Wexford, Waterford and Wicklow are invited to become part of the Celtic Routes offering by submitting content for the Celtic Routes website and related social media campaign. There is no cost to business to be represented and all businesses that align with the project aims and ethos are welcomed.

Your business should meet at least three of the following criteria – Immersive; Involving the Land, Sea or Nature; Telling a Story of the Place; Tells a Celtic Story; History or Legend; Authentic; Enhances provenance; Connects Wales and Ireland.

In order to support and encourage participation by tourism operators in the Celtic Routes project and to encourage the development of business connections across the Irish sea, the Celtic Routes Partnership has established a ‘Learning Journeys’ scheme.  The scheme provides an opportunity for businesses working within the tourism and cultural heritage sectors to visit similar businesses in the Ireland/Wales area where they will have opportunity to learn and share best practice, foster mutual learning and to forge and strengthen networks. The principle of Learning Journeys is that learning is shared. 

Applicants seeking to access Learning Journey support must be able to clearly demonstrate a desire and ability to use the learning to improve their business and promote the Celtic Routes.  A maximum 36 learning journeys (up to 18 from Ireland and up to 18 from Wales) will be supported by the Celtic Routes project.

On behalf of the Celtic Routes project, Wexford County Council has issued a Tender for Photography Services to ensure the Celtic brand story is visible, communicated and coherent. Photography should reflect the brand values of the Celtic Routes but most importantly, the photography should capture the essence of Celtic Routes. 1. Storied; 2. Connected; 3. Natural; 4. Discovery.  The eTenders Reference is 154683. Closing date – 4 pm on August 13th. Further information is available from Ms. Oonagh Messette, Celtic Routes Project Officer, Wexford County Council.

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