Courtown residents set to reject a load of bollards!

COURTOWN HARBOUR. A jewel in the crown of south-east tourism.

Many local residents and businesses are unhappy at the proposal that Cllr Malcolm Byrne brought to the Gorey Municipal District Council meeting where it was unanimously agreed to prohibit vehicular traffic along the Burrow Road adjacent to Courtown beach.

“This will mean that soon a series of bollards will be erected just beyond the small car park and emergency services and those who need access will have access to this scenic area beyond that point. We will be consulting with water safety personnel. Priority is being given to pedestrians and cyclists.

“I have also requested that tougher action be taken against any unlawful encampments, dumping and anti-social behaviour in the area,” said Cllr Byrne, who holds the influential position of Cathaoirleach of the new Gorey-Kilmuckridge Council District.” He added that the Council will be going to public consultation on a new set of by-laws for Courtown this autumn.

There was a lively reaction. Almost 150 comments relating to the matter appeared on social media in the days that followed and the vast majority were opposed to Cllr Byrne’s proposal.

One local resident posted; “I don’t think that closing down the Burrow road is a great idea. Not being able to drive down the Burrow anymore is removing one very simple and enjoyable amenity from the locals and tourists alike.” She added; “I did not know there had been incidents of people knocked down by speeding cars in the Burrow?”

Cllr Joe Sullivan has had a change of mind and believes that the people’s views should be heard. He stated on social media; “As one of the councilors who attended the meeting that the decision to place bollards in the Burrow was made at, I now, having seen the large scale opposition to this move by the general public will on Monday request the County Council not to proceed any further until the views of people are taken into account and other ways of resolving the camping and anti-social behavior problems are explored.”

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