Mick and Malcolm could have a seat in Europe?

Wexford candidates in the Ireland-South constituency, sitting TD Mick Wallace and Cllr Malcolm Byrne could be booking their seats to Europe if the predictions in the RTE Exit Poll released a few minutes ago on The Late Late Show agreed with the count results tomorrow.

CLLR MALCOLM BYRNE in with a great chance of a seat in the European Parliament according to the RTE Exit Poll. Pic: WexfordToday.com

In Ireland-South, which consists of 12 counties, Mick Wallace is on 10% and Cllr Byrne is on 9%, below his Fianna Fáil colleague, Billy Kelleher on 12%.
However, expert political opinion is predicting “a real cliff-hanger with six candidates fighting out the last four seats,” and Wallace and Byrne are in the cauldron.
Regards the Referendum on divorce it looks as if the ‘yes’ campaign will enjoy a 80-20% victory.
The Local Elections is complicated. Exit polls show Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil tied on 23%; 12% for Sinn Fein; the Green Party on 9% and The Labour Party on 6%, so a long way to go when the boxes are open at 9 am in the morning.
NB; This is an Exit Poll and there is a considerable margin of error to be factored in, but in all liklihood it is accurate going forward, and where margins are tight surprises can occur.

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