Call for ban on smoky fuel in Enniscorthy town

ENNNISCORTHY. Call for a ban on smoky coal across the town. Pic;

Local election Fianna Fáil candidate Aidan Browne is calling on the Environment Minister to implement a ban on the sale of smoky fuel in Enniscorthy town, similar to that introduced in Wexford town.
“Enniscorthy’s air quality is ten times worse than European Union safety limits. Enniscorthy has some of the most toxic outdoor air. Ultimately, this is a public health emergency”, Mr Browne explained.
“We’ve known for many years about the hazards associated with smoky fuel. When smoky fuel is burned, it releases dangerous particulates and sulphur dioxide into the air.
“Outdoor air pollution is linked with dementia, heart disease, lung disease, and fertility problems. It’s unhealthy and dangerous for people suffering from asthma or respiratory problems, especially when outdoors on cold nights. It’s understood that 8,235 of Wexford’s 16,469 COPD sufferers remain undiagnosed! The WHO says it’s a bigger killer than tobacco smoke.”
“Enniscorthy’s geography does little to help the problem – the town is situated in a valley, making it difficult for the smoke to dissipate elsewhere,” said Mr Browne, who added; “If elected, I will make it my priority to see that the people of Enniscorthy have safe air to breath.”

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