Tackle insurance fraud in Wexford; Aidan Browne


Local election candidate for Enniscorthy Aidan Browne has called on the Government to support Fianna Fáil’s plan to tackle insurance fraud.
Mr Browne has welcomed the Fianna Fáil legislation as it will help to reduce the cost of insurance for young drivers.
“The Government has done little to tackle rising insurance premiums. Young people living in the Enniscorthy area need a car to get work and college. We need to make sure that they can get fair motor insurance quotes.
“Fianna Fáil has brought forward legislation to increase penalties on insurance fraudsters. This legislation will force those suspected of fraudulent insurance claims to pay all the legal costs of the case.
“The Cost of Insurance Working Group made several recommendations, but many of these haven’t been implemented. We still don’t have a dedicated Garda unit to combat insurance fraud. The proposed integrated insurance fraud database hasn’t been set up yet. That was due to be up and running this year”, Mr Browne concluded.

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