Browne encourages a crack-down on illegal dumping

Aidan Browne wants a crack down on illegal dumping.

Local election candidate for Enniscorthy town and district Aidan Browne has called for a crack-down on illegal dumping.
The first-time local election candidate has noticed the blight on the landscape while canvassing around the Enniscorthy district.
“I’ve seen several instances of scenic rural back roads blighted by mounds of waste emptied onto green spaces and ditches.
“The Enniscorthy district is one of the most beautiful areas in the region. The scourge of illegal dumping leaves a sour taste when driving around the Enniscorthy district. There needs to be a name and shame policy with increased fines for offenders.
“After all, illegal dumping can have a dire impact on the environment while plastic in rivers ruins marine life.
“Wexford County Council will clean up illegal dumping but this cost money, money that could otherwise be used for local projects such as playgrounds for children. We need to make sure that any instances of illegal dumping are promptly reported to the County Council who hopefully can track down the illegal dumpers and prosecute them.” Browne concluded.

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