Hate messages scrawled on election posters

Hate slogans appears on election posters in the Rosslare Electoral District.

Two candidates running for Ireland’s newest political party, Aontu, in the local elections have had over half of their posters defaced or stolen.
Jim Codd and Elaine Cole, candidates in the new Rosslare Local Election Area, have been the subject of a sinister hate campaign allegedly motivated by the fact that they are both Catholic.
Many posters have been defaced across Wexford,” said Mr Codd, who added; “The difference with ours is the level of primal hatred involved. Myself and my colleague Elaine Cole are apparently being targeted on the grounds of our religion and the fact that she is a mother.”
“A poster was defaced with a hideous hate message purposely on the route that Elaine uses to take her young children to school. No one should have to explain to children under nine years of age why someone would think such things about their mother.”
“The sinister hate messages sprawled on our posters are frightening and a sad indication of the state of politics in this country today. It is reminiscent of the targeting of Jewish politicians in Germany in the 1930s. If a candidate from another religion or minority was being targeted based on their race, sex or creed, I would be the first person to defend them,” claimed Mr Codd.
“Myself and Elaine knew that putting our names forward would bring negative attention upon us from certain fringe groups. We are not career politicians and are motivated by a desire to change things within our communities. It’ll take more than thugs to stop us,” concluded Mr Codd.

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