Helicopter response to ‘hoax call’ at Curracloe

Search and rescue helicopter 117 tasked to Our Lady's Island this afternoon.

Lifeboat and helicopter resources were dispatched to Curracloe for “a four year old that was having difficulty in the water,” however, the call turned out to be a hoax.
Waterford-based R117 Coast Guard helicopter had been tasked for a person on the rocks in Cork Harbour, but was re-directed to Curracloe.
Shannon-based R115 Coast Guard helicopter was assigned to the Cork call.
Rosslare Harbour RNLI Lifeboat was also launched at 7.10 pm on Friday and the crew made their way to Curracloe.
While the emergency services will never question a response for a distress situation it is disappointing that resourses are abused in this way.
The call in Cork turned out to be a genuine call and, thankfully, everybody is safe.

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