Gorey Ladies win the league title

Gorey won the league title this morning as they beat Dublin North 5-0 this morning.

Gorey               5

Dublin North  0

Gorey played host to Dublin North in Enniscorthy today, a win for Gorey would mean they secure top of the table and win the League.

Gorey took push back, making an impact straight away, when winger Muireann Deegan passed the ball across goal so Zoe Kenny could open the scoring (1-0).

Dublin North restarted, making a couple of runs up their left wing. Gorey’s defense of Vicky Hughes, Bridget Kenny, Gillian Bailey and Carrina Bailey made it difficult for the visitors ensuring they lost possession. Gorey’s Nicola Ryan took the resulting line ball finding Ailbhe Booth who flicked the ball into the circle to Gillian Bailey whose direct shot gave Gorey their 2nd, (2-0).

Dublin North pushed back and tried working the ball up the wing but could not break through. Gorey were on the front foot with midfielders Robyn Swords, Ailbhe Booth and Nicola Ryan advancing towards goal. A pass out to Muireann Deegan on the end line drew Dublin North’s defense leaving space in the circle. On the penalty spot, Ruth Evans increased Gorey’s lead with her shot on goal (3-0) at half-time.

Dublin North started the second half, frustration set in and began to show when Gorey won a brace of penalty corners.

Gorey pushed out, sweeping the ball to Nicola Ryan who sent the ball in. Dublin North’s keeper saved but didn’t clear the ball. A scuffle  at the back post saw the ball fall to Ailbhe Booth who flicked the ball into Goal (4-0).

Gorey made changes with Rachael McSweeney and Sabhdh Corcoran coming on in the front line.

Dublin North reorganized and made their way towards Gorey’s goal. Dublin North were rewarded 2 consecutive penalty corners however did not capitalise. Gorey’s keeper, Fiona Mythen cleared. From the resulting sideline hit, Gorey’s Vicky Hughes, Bridget Kenny, Gillian Bailey and Corrina Bailey absorbed the pressure and dealt with any immediate threat. Dublin North were awarded a free at halfway. Quickly taken, Gorey’s keeper Fiona Mythen called and cleared the ball when Dublin’s winger took a strike.

From the hit out Gorey moved the ball up field. Sabhdh Corcoran and Nicola Ryan traded passes, finding Muireann Deegan who took a shot which deflected directly into Ailbhe Booth’s path for her 2nd bringing Gorey’s total to Five (5-0).

Gorey win the 2019 Division 11 League, and secure promotion for the second year in a row with an impressive 80 Goal Tally.

Team: Fiona Mythen (Capt.), Vicky Hughes, Gillian Bailey (1), Bridget Kenny,  Carrina Bailey, Robyn Swords, Ailbhe Booth(2), Nicola Ryan, Zoe Kenny (1), Ruth Evans (1), Muireann Deegan, Sabhdh Corcoran, Rachael McSweeney.

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