Cllr Doyle wants ‘political power shared equally’

CLLR MARIE of five women members on Wexford County Council.

CLLR MARIE DOYLE…one of five women members on Wexford County Council.

Speaking on International Womens Day 2019, Cllr Marie Doyle of New Ross Municipal District and Wexford County Council voices her opinion on this very strong and active movement.
Cllr. Marie wants to share her belief that the balance of political power should be shared equally. Currently she is the only female councillor for the New Ross Municipal District.
Out of 34 members on Wexford County Council only five are women, including Cllr Doyle. “Only 22% of our TDs are women,” she added.
Cllr Doyle believes that “we can and will achieve equality and is looking forward to working towards it.”
Cllr Doyle urges all women in New Ross and District Electoral area to contact her confidentially by phone or email with any concerns they may have.

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