Wexford schools to get high-tech learning support

Wexford schools are set to benefit from a raft of new technology thanks to government funding, according to Fine Gael Minister Michael D’Arcy.
Minister D’Arcy said every school in Wexford will receive grants to purchase key technology including tablets, cloud systems and projectors.
“I’m delighted that Wexford schools are set to benefit from the national €50 million investment in ICT infrastructure for all primary and post-primary schools.
“Grant funding for the purchase of ICT infrastructure will issue to all eligible primary and post primary schools in the country to enable them to embed the use of digital technology in teaching and learning.
“We are living in a world which is being fundamentally transformed by digital technology. Disruptive technologies in cloud, mobile and social are revolutionising how we work and how we live.
“Critical, creative thinking, problem solving skills and adaptability will be key to ensuring young people flourish this environment and we need to make sure they are well prepared.
The grants will be allocated through a standard lump sum and additional per-capita sums based on the size of the school.
At primary level, the grant is worth in the region of €5,900 for a 100-pupil school and almost €22,000 for a 500-pupil school.
At post-primary, a 500-student school can receive a grant of almost €27,000 rising to some €52,000 for a 1,000 student school.
“Wexford schools are being invited to apply for the additional fund by demonstrating evidence of effective embedding of digital technologies and Digital Learning Planning.
“The latest funding of €50m continues the Government commitment under Project Ireland 2040 to underpin the implementation of the Digital Strategy for Schools 2015-2020.
The grant funding for schools is expected to complement the objectives of a school’s Digital Learning Plan, which the Department of Education and Skills has provided considerable resources and supports to under the Digital Strategy. The funding can be spent on technology including Desktop PCs, laptops, tablets or hybrid devices, Projectors, Cloud based tools and software applications to support learning platforms – these are generally cloud based applications used to support the teaching and learning process.
Today’s investment is the third instalment as part of the €210m committed to by the Government under the Digital Strategy in Schools to support investment in ICT infrastructure for schools.

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