Willy Doyle- Halfway House Bunclody

Willy Doyle was an exceptionally talented and intelligent Footballer in his playing days with the – Halfway House, Bunclody Teams. He played all grades for the club over many years.

He had great pace and lots of energy and was capable of scoring from any angle. He proved a nightmare for defenders, because of his ability to turn quickly and avoid tackles. He displayed bewilderding speed and ball control, and all his scores were exceptionally executed.

Willy was the personification of solidarity, always playing his part to perfection. A hard working and determined forward, who always put substance ahead of style. He was his teams most creative force with his forging runs and his peripheral vision to always do the right thing.

Willy was educated at Bunclody N.S. and St. Peter’s College, Wexford.

His Boyhood Hero was – Oliver McGrath. Two of the best goalie’s he has seen in Football were – Johnny Culloty (Kerry) and Martin Furlong (Offaly). The two best goalie’s he has seen in Hurling were – Art Foley (Wexford) and Ollie Walsh (Kilkenny) R.I.P..

Difficult Opponents he encountered when playing any code were – Jim Quigley (Rathnure), Larry Byrne (Hollow Rangers) R.I.P., Johnny Cullen (Kilanerin and Ballyfad) R.I.P. and Paddy Bennett (Clongeen) R.I.P..

Some of the greatest footballers he has seen were – Tony McTague (Offaly), Mick O’Connell (Kerry), Matty McDonagh (Galway) R.I.P., Sean O’Neill (Down) and Peter Canavan (Tyrone).

In Wexford, he selects – Willie Goodison (Volunteers) R.I.P., Paddy Kehoe R.I.P., Andy Merrigan R.I.P. and George Rankin – as the best he has seen. The greatest footballer of them all was – Mick O’Connell (Kerry).

The greatest Hurlers he has seen were – Eddie Keher (Kilkenny), John Doyle (Tipperary) R.I.P., Henry Shefflin (Kilkenny) and Jimmy Doyle (Tipperary). In Wexford, he selects – Nickey Rackard R.I.P. (Rathnure), Oliver McGrath (Faythe Harriers), Phil Wilson (Ballyhogue), George O’Connor (St. Martin’s) and Ned Wheeler (Faythe Harriers) – as the best he has seen. The greatest Hurler of them all was – Nickey Rackard R.I.P..

One of the greatest games of Football he has seen was the last Game between – Meath vs Dublin – in the 1991 Leinster Senior Football Final.

The two best Full Backs he has seen in Football were – Paddy McCormack (Offaly) and John O’Keeffe (Kerry). The two best Midfielders he has seen were – Mick O’Connell (Kerry) and Brian Mullins (Dublin). The two best Full Forwards he has seen were – Eoin “Bomber” Liston (Kerry) and Peter Canavan (Tyrone).

One of Willy’s finest games playing with his Club was in the 1968 Co. Junior Football win vs Clongeen. At Right Half Forward, he excelled and caused problems every time he gained possession.

His most disappointing game playing with his Club was vs Askamore in the 1970 Co. Intermediate Hurling game when his Club lost.

At U’Age, he played Junior, Minor and U’21 in both codes for his Club.

His brother – Pat Doyle – is a well known name in G.A.A. circles, both as a player and as an official. Willy’s two sons – Damien and Bill – also played the game.

He played all grades when in St. Peter’s College, winning Leinster honours with St. Peter’s College. The Halfway House, Bunclody players that impressed him the most over the years were – Micky Connors (Goal), Noel Swords, Martin Hanrick, Colm Kehoe and George Rankin.

His father – John Doyle R.I.P. and uncle – Nick Doyle R.I.P. – were loyal G.A.A. followers of Club and County.

The two best Full Backs he has seen were – Nick O’Donnell R.I.P. (Wexford) and Brian Lohan (Clare). The best two Midfielders he has seen were – Ned Wheeler (Wexford) and Frank Cummins (Kilkenny).

The two best Full Forwards he has seen were – Tony Doran (Wexford) and Nickey Rackard (Wexford) R.I.P.. Willy also played U’21 Football for Wexford too.

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