Enniscorthy L1 collect Leinster League

Enniscorthy 3

Genesis        0

Saturday saw Enniscorthy’s ladies 1st XI create their own bit of history as at only the second attempt, Leinster league silverware was claimed following a 3-0 Division 7 win at the Astro Active Centre.
Enniscorthy were well matched by Genesis in the initial stages on Saturday, with play back and forth between the two teams. Enniscorthy had more control over the match with many circle entries and quick switch play between the back four. This provided the forwards and attacking midfielders with ample opportunities to create a positive outcome in the circle. Genesis defended thoroughly with man on man marking, providing little room for Enniscorthy’s speedy forwards to get a goal.
In the first half Enniscorthy created a variety of opportunities to score but were unfortunate with balls just passing the post, slightly wide. Enniscorthy’s Walsh won a penalty corner ten minutes into the match due to a perfect pass from left back Flood. Unfortunately for the hosts, this penalty corner chance proved fruitless. Genesis were finding gaps in the Enniscorthy press, but Enniscorthy’s vice-captain (and player of the match) Smith kept a cool head and tidied up these mistakes. Smith and Graham used their brilliant 2v1 tactic as the pair worked up the right side-line cutting through Genesis. Captain Watchorn kept control of the team and made great passes up to the forwards skipping through the Genesis press. Enniscorthy defended well and counter attacked up the right and left sides, and not to mention the exceptional play between Flood, Mahon and Chapman. Enniscorthy won another two penalty corners, 16 and 24 minutes into the first half, both without success., and the two sides were scoreless at the break.
The breakthrough came when Enniscorthy were a awarded a penalty corner one minute into the second half, with Ciara Kelly’s superb goal putting the league leaders ahead. As the crowd cheered, Enniscorthy celebrated the long awaited goal and now felt more relaxed on the ball. Enniscorthy now played their game with skilful passing between players, especially up the left by Flood, Kelly, Walsh. Dunphy received good passes from Flood and made numerous circle entries. Enniscorthy’s Wickham popped in another goal from the break-down of a penalty corner that was crossed over by Kelly, a deft nick by Smith and the final touch by Wickham. Centre forward, Rynhart was unlucky not to get one in the net as her shots were just a tad wide. She created lots of attacking plays with excellent leading runs. Doyle created great chances for Wickham by giving her top-class passes. The third goal was scored by Ogilvie who took a long corner and skilled her way into the circle. With five minutes left Enniscorthy were still determined to get goals, especially Mahon as she worked hard to get the ball into the circle from a long corner, as defenders attempt to block the powerful sweeps in. The game ended in an unfortunate wide shot from Rynhart and yet another clean sheet for the goalie McGinty. Enniscorthy have now won the league and progress through their final 5 league games with plans of a winning streak.

Squad- Norah McGinty, Hannah Graham, Laura Smith, Julie Watchorn, Jessie Flood, Niamh Ogilvie, Leah Chapman, Aoife Mahon, May Wickham, Nancy Dunphy, Isabelle Walsh, Sonja Rynhart, Ciara Kelly, Susannah Doyle. 


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